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A truly fabulous wedding cake should create enduring delicious memories and leave your guests wanting more. 

Taste begins with good quality ingredients, and where possible, sourced locally to reduce carbon footprint!

A great cake should never be style over substance!

I've spent years tweaking & improving my recipes to perfection, making your wedding cake a delicious treat.


And of course, not forgetting Mother Earth that gives us so much. I care about our environment so wherever possible, I aim to reduce waste in particular cake waste, offer plant-based, vegan wedding cakes, and consider my footprint to look after our beautiful planet. 

Image by Tetiana Bykovets


CLASSIC collection


A light vanilla sponge filled with buttercream and a choice of strawberry preserve, raspberry preserve, biscoff, nutella, oreo buttercream or mango & passionfruit curd


Rich decadent chocolate sponge filled with a choice of plain, chocolate, biscoff, salted caramel or oreo buttercream


Summer lemon sponge filled with buttercream & raspberry preserve add white chocolate for some extra sweetness 


SIGNATURE collection

Pistachio Rose

Exotically fragrant rose & pistachio sponge filled with buttercream

Carrot cake

Nutty & spiced carrot sponge with a hint of orange filled with white chocolate buttercream​

Terry's Chocolate Orange

A subtle combination of delicious chocolate with a hint of fresh orange zest sponge filled with orange buttercream

Chocolate & Cherry

Velvety decadent chocolate sponge filled with a fruity morello cherry compote

Image by Mandira Banik
Untitled design - 2024-01-02T144036.965.jpg


FUSION collection

Fennel & Raisins

Sweet & delicate fennel fragrance with sweet golden raisins sponge filled with buttercream (contains almonds)

Gulab Jamun 

Classic Indian dessert in a cake, with hints of cardamom, rose & saffron, without the actual gulab jamun sweet ball (contains almonds)

Mango & Passionfruit

Deliciously light vanilla sponge with a lusciously sweet exotic fruity mango & passionfruit curd - a firm favourite!

Coconut & Lime

Tropical coconut sponge with summer hints of lime zest, filled with lime curd

Pistachio, Rose with Orange or Cardamom

An exotic middle eastern fragrant rose & pistachio sponge laced with orange zest & a cardamom twist

Continually innovating & discovering new flavours

Vegans and vegetarians/eggless are most welcome and if you require a gluten-free option, just let me know.

If you have a bespoke flavour in mind I will do my best to accommodate you, please enquire about prices.


'Cake dates' (tasting consultations) start from £50, .

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