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Single & Two Tier Modern Wedding Cakes (1 of 3)

Each and every wedding cake is bespoke and designed to reflect the couples taste and vision for their special day, not just in terms of appearance but in taste too. For more intimate events single or 2 tier cakes are the perfect centrepiece.

Shaun & Dashni

Totally breathtaking


Our wedding cake was totally breathtaking and we are so glad we left Minel to her own devices to design it as her talent and creativity shone through!

I especially love the meticulous attention to detail with regards to matching my outfit.

As for the taste, it was absolutely delicious and our guests all loved her signature pistachio and rose flavour, it received many compliments.  She is a true professional, also being able to cater for our vegan and gluten free guests, and we would HIGHLY recommend her.


Thank you Minel, we can’t wait to order more for future special occasions!

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